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One. The bandage net
Stretching steps: net frame cleaning - level calibration - coated adhesive - Net - measurement network, edge tension -- adhesive - - storage
Job description:
1. because the net frame of repeated use, the remnants of the net frame glue, gauze and other debris around, must be clean, so as not to affect the adhesion of gauze and net frame.
2. the net frame is placed on the platform (level required) to check whether the net frame is deformed, and the leveling process is required if there is a deformation.
3. will be cleaned, the undeformed gauze net frame and then the surface of thin and uniform coating layer without hardener glue so as to enhance the net after the gauze and net frame adhesive force.
4. after the first gumming for about 10 minutes, the net frame is placed on the netting table and the relative position and height is adjusted.
5. choose the mesh, loosen the clamp around the mouth, the gauze tile in the box, then the gauze evenly clamped in the mouth, not wrinkle, pay attention to the four angle to have a song'yu Jacobs, a clamp mouth must be locked, not between the clip and the clip has a gap (automatic or manual net frame, for example).
6.: the first 26 stretch mesh tension, set aside for 5 minutes second times tension tension is 24; 28, set aside for 5 minutes third times tension tension 26; 32, set aside for 5 minutes fourth times tension is 30; 5 point correction tension 32, after standing for 20 minutes 15 minutes 30 glue tension; tension curing 28, standing for 72 hours before making screen (with a m x m automatic production line using the screen as an example). The horizontal and vertical synchronization opened, has been pulled to the desired tension when the brush glue used for mesh tension (100T, 110T and 120T were 30 + 2 Newton (77T), 51T was 35 + 2 (24T Newton) 50 + 2 Newton)
7. will be tuned with a small brush glue evenly the gauze net frame and then the surface can not be above the middle part of the glue into the screen, 8 minutes after the glue dried, available in rubber scraper coating surface will not fully fit the local press posted 10 minutes contract thoroughly dried glue (should be open blow drying can strengthen the net).
8. the use of paper cutting knife to remove excess around the screen mesh, and indicate the date, in the screen frame, mesh and net tension (in order to observe the change of tension) to prevent wash water network (anti white water) infiltration, sealed with red glue inside the screen frame, and then use waterproof tape in net frame with gauze then the plane, also to prevent the infiltration of liquid medicine.
Two. Bask net
1., wash nets: use grease to remove grease (new net), ghosting paste to graph (old network), remove pulp, remove net oil and blue oil, wash objects with white water, rinse the net with detergent, and rinse with high pressure water gun, and clean it with pure water at last.
2. drying: - the setting temperature of the oven should be less than 48 degrees Celsius.
3. use the method of water patch: clean the net and clean it with pure water once. According to the engineering film, the graphics should be increased by 20% or more. The water flair should be selected. One side of the water should be pressed with a triangular ruler on the Internet. Then it will be scraped up slowly with a triangular ruler. Then it will be pressed gently by glue scraper, and the towel will wipe the excess water to dry.
4. the use of photosensitive glue (net pulp): to screen drying emulsion, scraping the box, will blow to the Internet, which needs three green screen sizing, (approximately every 10 minutes more than once) corrosion screen printing ink and others two times, screen printing adhesive glue (Blue first 50 micron. Water film tear film, then 2 times net pulp, shaving three times each time, after the completion of drying and sizing.
The general line contains 5. mesh screen printing, ink characters and corrosion (green ink, bottom oil, surface oil) by 120T, 100T, 110T Jacobs, carbon paste (carbon oil) 51T, 77T (with screen printing can peel ink blue glue 24T screen printing line and heat curing photosensitive ink.
18K water film selection line 6. film (not easy to produce uneven photographic emulsion for Internet: such as flash (dog) etc), other resist ink (green, bottom oil, surface oil) using photosensitive glue (net pulp), carbon paste (carbon oil) 50 m water film selection
8. pressurized water punching net, dry.
9. screen made use of block glue (blue oil) will not be online silk film or photographic coverage, with a screen scraper on the block glue, drying.
10. check, repair the net, write the completion date and each relative number and record the archiving and storage.
Three. Storage
Generally, vertical storage is used for storage, and can be made or purchased for network frame. It needs to be stored in the same environment as silk screen printing to prevent deformation. At the same time, the screen tension should be tested before screen printing, and it can be tested with photographic negatives.

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